Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

Your Bathroom Renovation Perth will add value to your property while providing a comfortable space for you and your family. Remodeling a small bathroom is always more challenging than renovating a large bathroom with more fixtures. The following are some ways to save space in your small bathroom.


Hinged Door to Sliding Door. Add extra space to your small bathroom by changing your hinged door to a sliding door. Sliding doors are also applicable to your bathroom and medicine cabinets. Choose mirrored or frosted sliding doors.


Utilize Your Corners. Unused corners have a great potential to widen up your bathrooms. Consider installing corner lavatories and corner tiered cabinets to add storage space.


Multifunction and Hidden Bathroom Fixtures. Aside from adding about nine inches of extra floor space, a wall-hung toilet leaves a more stylish and neat look. Look for hidden tank water closets with dual flush system so you can save water without compromising performance. An all-in-one sink and cabinet combination will give you a seamless and compact bathroom fixture.


 Clear Glass Shower. Opaque and textured glass will seem an extra wall. Use clear glass instead to have a visual continuity in your bathroom. If you have concerns about privacy you may add frosted or glass blocks instead of a clear glass but make sure to always use lighter colors or any hue that matches the interior colour.


Recessed Cabinetry and Shelving. A medicine or linen cabinet recessed into the wall will give you a few more inches of storage space. Reframing of the buried area will be needed. Tiered hidden cabinet with a large glass door is a practical option for your limited space, they look clean and uncluttered while providing you extra storage and extra user circulation. If you want to recess a larger floor area, look into adjacent rooms to the bathroom that can lend in space. Even a few inches can make a huge difference in your bathroom.


One colour for Wall to Ceiling. When choosing the colour or tile material for you small bathroom choose only one colour to have an illusion of a large space. The unified colour works will with angled and oddly shaped bathroom floor plans. A floor to ceiling tiling for your shower area is an attractive and effective way to create an illusion of a larger bathroom. Typically, we are advised to choose light colours to make a room seem wider but in fact darker shades such as rich brown or black can actually give depth to bathroom interiors.


Mirror across a Window. Placing a large vertical mirror parallel to a window will look give an impression that two windows are in the same space. The natural light reflecting from the window gives an airier feel and adds illumination to the cramped space.


Wet Room. To further maximise space you may want to switch to a wet room instead of the conventional walk –in shower for your next bathroom renovation. A wet room will not have the typical shower screen instead the whole bathroom becomes the shower. This may not be favourable for everyone but will surely open up your bathroom space.


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